HIM REPORTER WORD PRESS ONLINE CITIZEN JOURNALISM is a agency for social change with crisp and short News snippets for today’s audience which is very busy with mundane routines but at the left side of brain they think and believe they do not want to miss a knowledgeable hot and trending news to be a important individual in today’s active society to be able to make a right change for betterment and development as a individual group or a country as a whole or as a World citizen. The news is even accessible via various social media like Facebook Twitter PinInterest LinkedIn WordPress PinInterest Google+ etc. for easy connectivity.

Him Reporter (No.) Word Press Online Citizen Journalists (Name or Anonymous ) are in the heart of our news. These are social activists always ready to drive a change through online citizen journalism.

We publish your news after through verification from our sources giving full credit to you. 10-25 major stories from you entitles you to be a regular and esteemed member of Him Reporter OCJ and we can even publish news as by Anonymous OCJ if you wish to do so. HIM REPORTER OCJ ( Online Citizen Journalist ) awards you a membership and activist certificate and printable card too only after through verification of your permanent address. All citizens of India or even abroad are welcome to be activists. A well formatted text with good English or Hindi text with a good quality video or photo makes our verification process easier. We encourage use of Full HD or HD quality but even understand that for on spot coverage the most handy tool we have is a mobile phone . So we are open to any quality media . Please exercise maturity in topics you publish with use of smart words. Make sure that it’s not directly offending to a individual or his privacy. We strongly believe in change but with ethics. We are open to criticise top guns and Politicians and organisations and companies or even authorities but with a solid evidence in form of photo video or even audio clip for that matter.

We would love to hear from you if you have any views or news or suggestion to make. We are open to development and we are a active social media group with a theme of Online Citizen Journalism.

Our speciality is crisp and clear news in bullet points with minimum words and with emphasis to taking your minimum time to expose hot & trending news relevant to our society. Latest Developments of the topic discussed are well written in layman language to make a wide audience across all Social Media Platforms and easy access on websites like Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Flickr WordPress PinInterest etc. We understand that lot of people in India have both languages on mind Hindi and English and many regional languages too. But we are making use of simple English as it is international language. The visitors to HimReporter.WordPress.com can make use of Translate widget to read news in there preferred language and even post comments in same language.

All views expressed under OCJ no and name are views of the respective journalist. We back them up as we throughly very the source of news and its originality but we do not hold any responsibility for the news & views expressed. We are social activism group with our views and news about topics that matter to today’s young educated population.

Do email to report your views & news around you about anything under Sun & Sky or something interesting to share in your mind with your name location and email or Facebook URL ID or anonymously on HIM REPORTER by sending story in text photos videos in best quality possible by email or your links to VineetaRaina89@gmail.com ? We fight against corruption & slow & timely working ways of Indian Govt. & Employees. We even bring latest news into light with other important Social Topics as well as Hot & Trending News to forefront of you as audience on various Social Media like Facebook Tweeter Pin Interest LinkedIn WordPress etc social awareness mindset. Online Jounalism in citizens handst

We are a Online Citizen Journalism theme based News House in Himalayas. We focus on news from Around the World but focus majorly on Himalayan Arc News ( Any News in 2400 Kms Himlayan mountain region belt )

We are currently 119 reporters from regions in Himalayas which is growing with time.

Please send your CV with any photo I’d to be our active team member

Vineeta Raina

Active Him Reporter

WPO Citizen Journalist 1 as well as

Editor in Chief


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