Earthquake on 6.8 Richer scale in India Mynmar border. Tremors in Kolkata Sikkim Siliguri

Massive earthquake at India Mynmar border.

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Wedding’s / Candid Wedding’s / Fine Art Wedding’s by SDB

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TRAVEL Adventure Destination/Sights


OTHERS FASHION & PORTFOLIO Celebrity & Glamour Model Portfolio Portraits Show & Pageant

COMMERCIAL Stock Photography




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FINE ART WEDDING’s by SDB SunDeep Bhardwaj ™® Fine WED by SDB ™® Official –

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SunDeep Bhardwaj WORLD Photography ™® SDBWP ™® SunDeep Bhardwaj World Productions

Tagline : Covered 70+ Countries 555+Destinations Nearby 150+ Airports 100+ UNESCO WORLD Heritage Sites Across 6 Continents in 2 Decades World Travels.


Director Storyteller Filmmaker Principal Photographer DOP name : SunDeep Bhardwaj

Principal Photographer & DOP Offficial Website ™®

Contact Nos : +91 9805305912 / 0 8627802895

Residing at : Kullu & Sundernagar Himachal Himalayas

Locations served – Worldwide Himalayas India North India Himachal Sundernagar Kullu

Locations : Worldwide Anywhere under Sun & Sky

Details of Principal Photographer/Film Maker/ Director of Photography DOP/Founder/Owner/CEO below –

Affiliated Company : SDBWP SunDeep Bhardwaj World Photography ( Self owned )

Email Contact , , ( Kindly CC to all emails )

Facebook Google+ Gmail WhatsApp Viber Flickr Instagram Line Tango for more details with above mobile nos and emails

http://SunDeepKullu.Com “The World is my Studio”. Travelled & Photographed All Inhabited 6 Continents 70+Countries 555+Most Exotic Destinations / Wonders of World / UNESCO World Heritage Sites | Nearby 200+Cities | 150+Airports | 300+Villages / Towns/ Countrysides across 6 Continents | 2 Decades of World Tour.

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World Traveller, Fine Art Wonders of World Photographer, Fine Art Candid Wedding, Creative Professional, Still & Cinematic Films , Pre/Post Wedding Films , Highlights , Teasers, Promos, Casting Sets & Trailors, Ad Films, Music Videos Mixing Recording & Videography, Events, Institutional Workshops, Exhibitions, Workshop Safari’s in Himalayas, Wedding Cinema

Total 2 Decades of World Travel & Fine Art Photography | 8 years World Tour 2007- 2014 | 2 Years Landscape Photography of most exotic places on Himalayan Arc spreading 2400 Kms in length | 10 years Incredible India tour 1997-2006 | Multiple years Fine Art Photography of Unforgettable Himachal, Kashmir, Ladakh, Tibet, China on Himalayas | Fine Art Photography | Professional Portraits Still Photography | Commercial Photography | Product | Celeb | Weddings | Model | Portfolio | Events | Travel | 35mm Film | Photo Journalism | Magazine Editorials | Web Designs | SEO Expertise | Entrepreneur & Marketing | Personal Online Stock Photography Gallery & Portfolio Website http://SunDeepKullu.Com | ” The World is my Studio”.

Educational Qualifications- 3 degrees M.B.A Sales & Marketing Symbiosis, Pune, B.Public Admn.HPU, Shimla & B.Hotel Management GCC


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